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Part VIII: Appendixes > Understanding PowerPoint's Multiple Language Features

Understanding PowerPoint's Multiple Language Features

Office XP, including PowerPoint, includes many features that simplify creating multilingual documents and presentations. Some examples of these features are

  • A single worldwide executable This enables you to use one version of the application in multiple languages, including most European and Asian languages, as well as Arabic and Hebrew.

  • Independent language setup The MultiLanguage Pack offers independent setup for each language you want to enable, even though you can choose more than one language at a time during setup. This means that each language is treated as a separate product, letting you remove installed languages individually from the Control Panel.

  • Unicode support Unicode enables you to create documents in all languages installed on your operating system. This makes it easier to use an English-language version of PowerPoint, for example, to create presentations in multiple languages.

  • Language AutoDetect PowerPoint automatically detects the language you're using based on the keyboard and applies the appropriate proofing tools.

  • Multiple language editing PowerPoint enables the use of multiple languages in a single document, including the capability to check spelling and apply special formatting in the languages you enable.

  • Text editing in right-to-left languages If your system supports right-to-left languages, such as Arabic or Hebrew, PowerPoint displays these languages correctly and enables editing.



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