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Other Improvements

Many other improvements do not fit into the categories listed previously. Here are a few of them:

  • Mail merge has been thoroughly revamped to make it significantly easier to use (see Chapter 18, “Using Mail Merge Effectively”).

  • A revamped File Search feature, available through the File, Open dialog box, makes it easier to find Word and other Office files whether they are stored locally, on a network, or on the Internet. File Search is covered in more detail in Chapter 3, “Basic Document Creation, Storage, and Retrieval.”

  • Using Word's new Smart Tags feature, you can click on a name (or certain other text) in your document and display a list of tasks you can then perform with a single click (see Figure 1.9). Smart Tags are covered in more detail in the Bonus Word Chapter, “Adding Interactivity with Hyperlinks, Web Forms, and Smart Tags.” at http://www.quehelp.com.

    Figure 1.8. Word's Security Settings allow you to remove personal information from any file when you save it.

    Figure 1.9. Using Smart Tags to choose a task to perform.

  • You can now select several elements in your document at once, even if they are not adjacent to each other. (Press and hold Ctrl while you drag the mouse pointer across the elements you want to select.)

  • You can now add watermarks—very light pictures, logos, and text that appear behind your document (see Chapter 5, “More Day-to-Day Productivity Tools”).

  • You can now print folios, booklets, and pamphlets (see Chapter 6, “Printing in Word”).



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