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Chapter 6. Printing in Word > Creating a Print File from Which You Can Print La... - Pg. 179

Printing in Word 179 · Document Properties--Prints a page of information about your document, such as file size, file name, and author information. · Field Codes--Prints the field codes in your document, instead of the results generated by those field codes. · Hidden Text--Prints all text marked as hidden. · Drawing Objects--Checked by default, this instructs Word to print all drawings in your document. Another option, Print Data Only for Forms, allows you to print a quick record of the responses to a filled-out form, without printing the form itself. For more information about creating and filling in forms, see the Bonus Word Chapter titled "Cre- ating Forms," at Changing Paper Sources In Chapter 5, "More Day-to-Day Productivity Tools," you learn that you can choose the size of paper you use in your printer by opening the Page Setup dialog box (choose File, Page Setup) and choos- ing the Paper Size tab. You also learned that if your printer is equipped with more than one paper tray, you can change the paper tray from the Paper Source tab of the Page Setup dialog box. If you want Word (and only Word) to use a print tray different from the default setting, you can select a different one from the Print dialog box. In the Print dialog box, open the Default Tray list box and select the tray containing the paper to which you want Word using to print. Caution When you choose a paper tray from the Print dialog box, you are setting a new default paper tray that remains in effect for all Word documents (not just the current document). When