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This book has one—and only one—goal: to make you the most productive Word user on the block, no matter what kind of documents you create. From letters to manuals, reports to Web sites, you'll find a relentless focus on productivity here, including

  • What's the fastest, easiest way to get the job done?

  • How can you streamline and automate all those annoying tasks you've been doing by hand?

  • How can you do more with Word than you ever thought possible?

Even if you're experienced with Word, you'll be amazed at how much more it can do for you—and how easily, once you know how. You probably know about some of these features, but you're a rare and special Word user if you've mastered all of these:

  • In Word 2002, you can control Word, and even dictate entire documents, without touching your mouse or keyboard—some fine tuning, however, is required to make Word's speech and voice features work as accurately and efficiently as possible.

  • With Word's Web Page Wizard, you can design, organize, and create links for an entire departmental intranet in 15 minutes—after you've done that, all that's left is the content!

  • Word can automatically format your document for you and fix hundreds of common spelling mistakes without even being asked.

  • Word can compare two drafts of a document and show you everything that has changed. Legal eagles note: In Word 2002, this feature has been revamped to provide the industrial-strength document comparisons you've always needed third-party products to get.

  • Word 2002 lets you remove personal information from your documents and use digital signatures to help make sure that they aren't tampered with.

  • If your document is a page too long, Word can automatically shrink it to fit—and Word's new Zoom features let you adapt your pages for international usage with no manual reformatting!

  • Word can automatically apply numbered headings throughout your document and keep them up to date.

  • Built-in Word Wizards can automate virtually all the formatting and organization required by résumés, memos, and many other documents.

  • Word can automatically insert large blocks of text for you. Even formatted text. Even pictures.

  • If you give Word a list of words and phrases, it can automatically build an index reflecting every reference to them.

  • From within Word, you can e-mail, route, or fax documents; post them to public Microsoft Exchange folders; and even save them to your intranet just as easily as saving to your own hard disk.

  • Word can automatically add a numbered caption to every graphic or table in your document.

  • You can now print a list of every change you've made in a document using Tracked Changes—just one of the ways Word 2002 makes it easier to manage document collaboration.

  • Word 2002's new Reveal Formatting feature lets you see detailed current formatting at any point in your document (as WordPerfect has long done)—and change any formatting from a convenient, central location.

  • With Word's Detect and Repair feature, you can fix Word fast, even if some of its most important files get damaged. In Word 2002, you can even fix most damaged documents—so you won't have to re-create them from scratch when Windows crashes!

There are dozens more examples, but you get the point. The time you invest in learning Word's productivity features can pay extraordinary dividends.

What's more, in Word 2002, Microsoft has worked hard to make Word's most complex features—such as mail merge—easier to use. If you've ever suspected there was a more efficient way to get the job done, or avoided a feature because you were worried about its complexity, now's the time to go for it. Special Edition Using Microsoft Word 2002 will be with you every step of the way.

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