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198 Chapter 10. Managing Calendars In this chapter Using Time Zones Sharing a Calendar Arranging Meetings Troubleshooting Using Time Zones If there's one universal standard, it's that days consist of 24 hours. However, those 24 hours are not the same around the world. The world is divided into 24 latitudinal regions, each of which sets its times so that midnight occurs at 0:00 and midday occurs at 12:00. That results in 5:00 in one region being 6:00, 7:00, 8:00, or whatever in other regions. The time within each latitudinal region of the world is known as a time zone. In the days when people were concerned with only their immediate vicinity, that wasn't a problem. Now, though, many of us communicate with people throughout the world, so time zones are some- thing we have to be concerned about. Your computer has an internal clock that keeps track of times and dates. Using your computer's Setup utility, you can set this clock to your local time and date. In Windows, you can select Date/ Time in the Windows Control Panel and, with the Date & Time tab selected, set the date and time. You also can select the Time Zone tab, in which you can select your personal time zone. Note Your computer's internal clock is not as accurate as a Rolex watch. You should reset your computer's clock at least once a month. Several programs are available on Internet sites that you can use to synchronize your com- puter's internal clock with time references available from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) or the United States Naval Observatory (USNO). One of these is ClockRack, which you can download from For additional information, visit After you've done that, Windows applications--including Outlook--use your computer's internal clock to time-stamp your activities. However, a couple of points do need clarification: · The time and date you send an e-mail message is the time and date you sent it from your Outbox to the mail server, not the time and date the message was sent from the Message form to your Outbox.