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Part VIII: Appendixes > What Does WOPR XP/2002 Do?

What Does WOPR XP/2002 Do?

Many individual modules make up WOPR XP/2002. These are the key modules:

  • WOPR Commander— This feature is new for Office XP. This system tray component runs down in the Windows taskbar—right next to the clock—and allows you to control and configure all aspects of WOPR from one convenient location.

  • Enveloper— With Enveloper, you create envelope templates that define exactly how your envelopes will look. You can have as many envelope templates as you want, formatted any way you like with graphics and fonts and notes—and, yes, you can put the bar code down at the bottom (or anywhere else for that matter).

  • City2Airport Smart Tags— Get the airport name or code for any city typed into your documents (using Microsoft Word's all new Smart Tags interface), view online maps of the city or its airport region, and get driving directions to or from the city's airport.

  • Task Pane Controller— Quickly and easily control all the Word task pane's advanced features.

  • Lookup ZIP+4— Look up ZIP+4 Codes from the United States Postal Service (USPS) Web site.

  • Pop-up Contacts List— Insert a contact from Outlook's contacts list, quickly and easily.

  • Insert Picture— Get quick access to your graphics images, with more options and flexibility than Word's Insert Picture tool.

  • Lil'WOPRs— These are small, fast tools that you'll use every day for managing files, adding digital signatures to your documents, printing, viewing special characters, fixing ASCII line breaks, removing potentially embarrassing personal information from your documents, and much more.



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