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Which Bookmark Is Which?

Q1:I have a couple of bookmarks that are right next to each other. When I show bookmarks by choosing Tools, Options and checking Bookmarks on the View tab, I get a jumbled mess that looks like this:

…and now [for [something] completely] different…

A1: In fact, Word doesn't give you enough information to tell where one bookmark ends and another begins. In this example, you could have a bookmark that covers "for something completely" and another one that covers "something," or a bookmark that covers "for something" and another bookmark that covers "something completely." There's no way to tell which of these two interpretations is correct by viewing bookmarks.

The only way to be sure which bookmark covers what text is to navigate to the bookmark and see which text is selected. Choose Edit, Go To, and then choose Bookmark in the Go To What box, and select a bookmark. Click Go To, and Word highlights the contents of the bookmark you have chosen.

Removing Menu Shortcuts

Q1:When I press Ctrl+Alt+- (the hyphen/minus sign to the right of the zero on the keyboard, not the Number pad), the pointer changes to a thick, dark horizontal line.
A1: If you intended to insert an em-dash, you used the wrong hyphen—press the minus key on the numeric keypad instead. Pressing the key combination Ctrl+Alt+- on the keyboard enables one of Word's most obscure and dangerous features, which goes by the awkward name ToolsCustomizeRemoveMenuShortcut. When you enable this feature and click a menu item, Word deletes the selected item immediately.

To restore the pointer to its normal function, press Esc. The next time you want to add an em-dash, remember to hold down Ctrl+Alt, and then use the minus key on the Number pad instead.



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