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Chapter 37. Developing and Managing a We... > Secrets of the Office Masters: Under...

Secrets of the Office Masters: Understanding FrontPage's Statistics

As long as you're using FrontPage Server Extensions, you'll automatically get a long list of useful statistics, covering almost every trackable nuance of your Web site. It helps to understand the terminology:

  • A hit is a single access. If you have a page with nine graphics on it, every time a user waits around for the entire page to load, you'll log 10 hits.

  • A page view or impression is the number of times a user initiates viewing of a page—whether or not that user waits around to download all of the graphics. Identifying your most-used pages can help focus your sales pitches; many sites put particularly enticing offers in their high-volume locations.

  • Referring URLs are the URLs of the pages that your users were looking at immediately before viewing your page, and referring domains are the associated domains. Those can be handy if you're wondering how your viewers got to you, what search engines they're using, and how effective your advertising might be. They can also help you trace how your users are navigating your site internally. If the referrer field is empty, the user either typed your URL directly into the browser or used the Favorites list.

  • You can also get reports on what browser your users were using, and what operating system was employed. That could help you feel more confident about using, for example, Internet Explorer-only features.

  • One of the most useful reports (and one of the most frequently overlooked) tells you what search strings your users typed into the built-in FrontPage search engine. This report not only gives you insight into what your users think is important, but it also tells you how you need to improve your navigation capabilities.



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