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Chapter 3. Working with Web Pages and Themes > Using the FrontPage Themes

Using the FrontPage Themes

Whereas the page templates available in FrontPage for creating new pages control the overall functional layout of the page, the FrontPage themes control things such as the look, the design, and the color scheme of the pages. When you create a new web using some of the wizards (such as the Corporate Presence Wizard), you are asked to choose a theme during the web creation process. However, you can select a theme for the pages that are inserted into an empty web or created with one of the wizards (such as the Personal Web Wizard) that use the default theme (Straight Edge theme) for the newly created web.

To choose a theme for your Web pages, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Page view by clicking the Page icon on the Views bar.

  2. Select the Format menu and select Theme. The Themes dialog box appears (see Figure 3.7).

  3. You can apply the theme to the currently open Web page (the page that was shown in the Page view) or apply the theme to all the pages in the web. Click either the Selected Page(s) or the All Pages option button, respectively.

  4. To choose your theme, scroll down through the themes in the Theme scroll box. Select a particular theme to see a preview of the theme in the Sample of Theme box in the dialog box.

    Figure 3.7. The Themes dialog box gives you access to all the FrontPage themes.

  5. When you have found the theme you want to use for your page or pages, select it and then click the OK button.

The theme is applied to the page (or pages) in your Web. Figure 3.8 shows a page to which the Spiral theme has been applied.

Figure 3.8. Each theme embraces a unique color scheme and related design elements.

Themes can help set the tone for a Web site and can also add a great deal of visual interest to a web. You will find that you do have control over some aspects of the theme's design.

When you are in the Themes dialog box, click the Modify button located near the bottom center of the dialog box. Three buttons appear just above the Modify button: Color, Graphics, and Text. Click the Color button to select a new color scheme for the theme. To change the background graphic used in the theme, click the Graphics button and then use the drop-down box to select a new graphic file. To modify the font used in the theme, click the Text button and make a font selection using the Font scroll box that appears.

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