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Creating a New Web Page

FrontPage makes it easy for you to create new Web pages and place them into your web. You can create blank pages or pages that use a FrontPage template. These templates provide you with pages that can add functionality to your Web site.

To create a new page in a web, follow these steps:

  1. To open the web where you want to place the new page, select the File menu and point at Recent Webs; from the cascading menu that appears, select the web you want to open.


My Web Isn't on the Recent Webs Menu! If you have created more than four webs using FrontPage, there is a good chance your most infrequently used webs will no longer appear on the Recent Webs menu, which shows only the last four webs). To open webs not listed, select File, Open Web. Use the Open Web dialog box to specify the location for the web. When you have located the web, select it and then click Open.

  1. With the appropriate web open, you can now create a new page for the web. First, click the Page View icon in the View bar to go to the Page view.

  2. Select the File menu, point at New, and the New Page or Web task pane opens. UnderNew from Template, select Page Templates, which opens the Page Templates dialog box (see Figure 3.1).

  3. The new page templates are available on the General tab of the Page Templates dialog box. Click the template that you want to use for your new page. Then, click OK to create the new page.

    Figure 3.1. The General tab of the Page Templates dialog box is where you select the template for your new page.

The new page appears in the FrontPage Page view. Figure 3.2 shows a two-column page that was created using the Two-Column Body template. The templates create pages that contain placeholder text and other items that you can modify. (Working with text on your pages is covered in Lesson 4, "Working with Text in FrontPage.")

Figure 3.2. The new page appears in the FrontPage editing window in the Page view.

You will also find that the new page (even though it's not included in the navigational structure of your web yet) embraces the theme that you assigned to the current web. (FrontPage themes are covered later in this lesson.)

Now that you have the new page, you need to save it. Follow these steps:

  1. Click the Save button on the FrontPage toolbar. The Save As dialog box opens.

  2. Type a filename for your new page into the File Name box.

  3. You also should change the page title for the new page. This title appears in the Web browser when you view the particular page on the World Wide Web. To change the page title, click the Change button. The Set Page Title dialog box opens (see Figure 3.3).

    Figure 3.3. Type the page title that you want to appear in the Web browser when the page is viewed on the World Wide Web.

  4. Type the new page title and click OK. You are returned to the Save As dialog box. Click Save to complete the process.

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