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Part IV: Excel > Adding Cell Borders and Shading - Pg. 425

425 Chapter 10. Adding Cell Borders and Shading In this lesson, you learn how to add borders and shading to your worksheets. Adding Borders to Cells As you work with your worksheet onscreen, you'll notice that each cell is identified by gridlines that surround the cell. By default, these gridlines do not print; even if you choose to print them, they don't look very good on the printed page. To create well-defined lines on the printout (and onscreen, for that matter), you can add borders to selected cells or entire cell ranges. A border can appear on all four sides of a cell or only on selected sides; it's up to you. Tip Printing the Gridlines -- It's true that gridlines do not print by default. But if you want to try printing your worksheet with gridlines, just to see what it looks like, open the File menu, select Page Setup, click the Sheet tab, check the Gridlines box, and click OK.