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Chapter 16. Creating Queries from Scratch > Deleting a Field - Pg. 547

Creating Queries from Scratch 547 Figure 16.3. Scroll through the Field list to locate the field you want to place in the query. Tip Quickly Add Fields to the Query --You can also add fields to the query directly from the tables that appear in the Table pane of the Query Design view. In one of the tables, locate the field that you want to place in the first field column and double-click the field name (in the table itself). The field appears in the Field box in the first field column of the query grid. To add the next field, locate it in a table, and then double-click it. This method enables you to select the fields from specific tables rather than scrolling through a long, continuous list of field names. Deleting a Field If you place a field that you don't want into a field column, you can replace it using the drop-down list in the Field box (of that column) to select a different field. If you don't want a field in that field column at all, you can delete the field from the query. Deleting the field deletes the entire field column from the query. You can use two methods for deleting a field column from the query: · Click anywhere in the column and select Edit, Delete Columns. · Position the mouse pointer directly above the column so that the pointer turns into a downward- pointing black arrow. Then click to select the entire column. To delete the selected field column, press Delete. After you have the fields selected that you will use in the table, you are ready to set the criteria for the query.