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Chapter 19. Creating Personalized Mass Mailings > Specifying the Main Document

Specifying the Main Document

The first step in the merge process is to specify a main document for the merge. The main document can be the currently open document in the Word workspace, or you can open a preexisting document during the merge process. To begin the merge process and designate a main document for the merge, follow these steps:

  1. Open a new, blank document in the Word window, and click the New Blank Document icon on the Standard toolbar.

  2. Select Tools, point at the Letters and Mailing arrow, and then select Mail Merge Wizard. The Mail Merge task pane opens, as shown in Figure 19.1.

    Figure 19.1. The Mail Merge task pane walks you through the steps of merging a main document with a data source.

  3. Under Select Document Type on the Mail Merge task pane, choose the type of main document you want to create using one of the following option buttons: Letters, E-Mail Messages, Envelopes, Labels, or a Directory. A directory, in this case, is a list of names and addresses that the wizard creates. It does not create a separate item for each person in the data source as the other options do.

  4. After selecting the appropriate option button (for this example, Letters has been selected), click theNext: Starting Document link at the bottom of the task pane.

  5. The next wizard step provided in the task pane provides three different option buttons; select one of the following:

    • Use the Current Document— This option enables you to build your main document using the new, blank document that was opened in step 1 (and it will be the approach that we use in the steps that follow in this section).

    • Start from a Template— When this option button is selected, a Select template link appears in the Mail Merge task pane. Click Select Template, and the Select Template dialog box appears. This dialog box enables you to base your main document on any of Word's document templates. After selecting a particular template on one of the dialog box tabs, click OK to return to the Mail Merge task pane.

    • Start from Existing Document— If you select this option button, a Start from Existing File box appears in the task pane. Click the Open button at the bottom of the box. The Open dialog box appears. Use it to select the existing Word document that will serve as the main merge document. Click OK to close the Open dialog box and return to the task pane.

  6. After selecting one of the options (as discussed in step 4), click the Next: Select Recipients link at the bottom of the task pane. This allows you to either create or specify the document that contains the names and addresses (the data source) that we will use for the merge. We discuss the data source document in the next section.



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