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Chapter 10. Assigning Resources and Cost... > Assigning Resources to Tasks

Assigning Resources to Tasks

There are a variety of views and dialog boxes you can use to assign resources to existing tasks. These include the following (in increasing order of usefulness):

  • You can use the task sheet to enter assignments in the Resource Names column, but the syntax is strict, and you can't control the calculations very well.

  • The Assign Resources dialog box, where drag-and-drop is available, is the quickest way to assign resources, but it provides you only limited control over how Project calculates the assignment.

  • Similarly, the Task Information dialog box enables you to assign resources but only offers limited control over the calculation.

  • Using

  • Using the Task Form view, especially in the bottom pane of a task view such as the Gantt Chart or the Network Diagram, gives you almost total control over the resource assignment calculations. The Task Form enables you to change the Task Type and Effort Driven status of the task, and you can specify the Duration, Units, and/or Work for the assignment.

  • You get the most control over the assignment process when you use the Task Usage view in the top pane with the Task Form in the bottom pane. The Task Usage view replaces the Gantt Chart task bars in the timescale with a grid of cells that show details about the assignment during each period in the timescale. You can edit the cells to change work assignments in individual time periods. Plus, you can access the Assignment Information dialog box from this view to specify work contours, to assign different standard costs, and to document the assignment with notes.



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