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Part IX: Appendixes > Resource Kit Tools

Resource Kit Tools

The Resource Kit contains various tools that can help you deploy, administer, and support Office. These include

  • Custom Installation Wizard—Administrators can use this tool to plan and execute deployment of Office in a manner that's tailored to the organization's needs.

  • Office Profile Wizard—Administrators can use this wizard to create default user profiles that include standard locations for files and templates, as well as preset options for Office applications.

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer Administration Kit—This kit lets administrators customize how Internet Explorer 5 is installed with Office.

  • Office Removal Wizard—This is a standalone wizard with the same capabilities as the version removal capability built in to Office and the Custom Installation Wizard.

  • System Management Server Package Definition Files—This is a sample set of package definition files that can be used as they are or modified. These files can be used to install Office and individual Office applications remotely.

  • Office Converter Pack—This consists of a wide variety of converters and filters useful in environments that use various versions of Office, Office for the Macintosh, and other application suites.

  • Answer Wizard Builder—Administrators can use this wizard to create automatic answers to questions unique to their organizations.

  • HTML Help Workshop—This can be used to develop Help topics that provide information specific to an organization.

  • Customizable Alerts—Information and tools in the Resource Kit provide what you need to customize Office error messages so that they give information specific to an organization.

  • Motionless Office Assistant—If Office is installed in a Windows Terminal Server environment, performance can be improved by installing the motionless Office Assistant on the server.

  • Excel Date and File Utilities—These utilities can be used to detect and correct various problems relating to dates in Excel worksheets.

  • PowerPoint 97/2000 Viewer—This viewer enables people who do not have PowerPoint installed on their computers to view presentations created in PowerPoint 97 and PowerPoint 2000. The viewer does not have the capability to edit PowerPoint presentations.

  • FrontPage Server Extensions Resource Kit—This is a guide to installing and administering the FrontPage Server Extensions on a Web server.

  • Outlook Nickname Utility—Outlook uses a nickname list to automatically check contacts' names. This utility can be used to clean out the nickname list if it becomes corrupted.

  • Unbind Office Binders Utility—This utility can be used to extract individual files from Office 2000 binder files.

  • Help on the Web—The Resource Kit contains information and tools that can be used to customize Help on the Web.

  • Localized Setup Utility—This utility can be used to change the language used by Office applications on an individual computer after Office has been installed.

  • System Policy Editor and Templates—Administrators can use the System Policy Editor to remotely control the Office options for all the computers in a workgroup. The Resource Kit contains system policy templates for all the Office applications.



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