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Chapter 13. Using Outlook to Keep Notes > Hints About Using Notes

Hints About Using Notes

Here are some hints that might help you to use Outlook's Notes productively.

  • Use notes only as a temporary place to keep information. Remove each note as soon as you've done what the note is intended to remind you of, or when you've copied the information it contains to an appropriate folder. At the end of each day, move any outstanding notes into the appropriate Outlook folder, such as your Calendar, Contacts, or Tasks folders.

  • Don't bother to assign categories to notes that are there to remind you to do something before the end of the current day. Do be meticulous about assigning categories to notes that you will convert into permanent Outlook items. The categories you assign to notes stay with those notes when you convert them into another type of Outlook item.

  • Use colors to identify different types of notes. You have five colors to choose from.

  • If an idea for an e-mail message flashes into your mind, but you haven't time to deal with it immediately, write the gist of it as a note. Subsequently, choose Forward in the note's context menu to create an e-mail message based on the note.

  • Use only a few key words in the first line of a note so that you can easily identify a note in the Notes Information viewer.

  • With the Preview pane enabled, you can select the text in a note, copy that text to the Windows Clipboard, and paste that text into another Outlook item or Windows application.

  • If you save a URL in a note and have the Preview pane enabled, you can select that URL to activate it.

  • By default, Outlook provides only one Notes folder. You can create as many other Notes folders as necessary so that you can save various kinds of notes in appropriate folders.

  • Don't use notes as a substitute for inserting comments in individual items' Notes boxes. For example, if you want to make a note about a contact, open the information about that contact in a Contact form, and insert the note in that form's Notes box.



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