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Chapter 6. Sending and Receiving Interne... > Receiving Internet E-mail - Pg. 203

Sending and Receiving Internet E-mail with Corporate/Workgroup Outlook Note 203 Instead of choosing Tools, Send, you can choose Tools, move the pointer onto Send and Receive, and then choose All Accounts or a specific Internet mail account. This is described in the next section. Also, with the Inbox Information viewer displayed, you can choose Send/ Receive to send and receive messages from all accounts. Sometimes, messages you send will be undeliverable. This may be because you have addressed them incorrectly, or because your server, the recipients' servers, or something in between is not working. If that happens, you might receive a message in your Inbox from System Administrator. If this happens, check the e-mail address you used and try sending the message again. Another common reason for messages being undeliverable is your POP3 or SMTP settings may have become corrupted. To find information about setting up Dial-up Networking, see Setting up Dial-up Networking. Note In many ways, e-mail is like snail mail : it works almost all the time. When you send a letter by snail mail, you only know that the recipient received it when you receive a response from that recipient. Similarly, when you send e-mail, the only way you know recipients have re- ceived it is when they respond to you. Receiving Internet E-mail You can use C/W Outlook to receive e-mail from Internet mail servers that use the POP3 protocol. Unlike IMO Outlook, C/W Outlook can't receive e-mail messages from servers that use the IMAP4 protocol.