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Part IX: Appendixes > Resources Available on the World Wide Web

Resources Available on the World Wide Web

The World Wide Web provides comprehensive resources for information about Outlook and related subjects. Some of the sites I've found useful are listed here. Many of these sites provide links to other related sites. You probably won't have the time to explore these sites in depth, but I suggest you make a preliminary visit to each of them to gain an idea of what's available.

  • amazon.com—This is a Web site maintained by the most popular online book store. You can use this site to find books on any subject, including Outlook. The site contains information about, and reviews of, many books. You can, of course, use this site to purchase books.


  • Helen Feddema's Home Page—This Web site contains many useful examples of Visual Basic code that customizes Outlook and also links Outlook to other Office applications.


  • Macmillan Computer Publishing—Contains information about books published by Macmillan under all its imprints, including Que. You can download sample chapters of many books, get technical information from resource centers, and much more.


  • Microsoft Office Home Page—You can use this site to find information about any Microsoft Office product, including Outlook. The site has many links that take you to detailed information.


  • Microsoft Outlook Home Page—This site contains links to Outlook-specific information. One of these links leads you to information about Outlook add-ons available from many sources. If any upgrades for Outlook become available from Microsoft, you'll probably find them on this site.


  • Microsoft Technical Support—This site provides access to Microsoft's Knowledge Base (a collection of some 200,000 technical articles) and other resources.


  • Outlook Downloads—This site contains Outlook add-ins available from Microsoft for downloading.


  • Slipstick Systems Exchange Center—Probably the best and most complete source of information about Outlook and Exchange. The site contains many articles about specific topics together with links to other sources of information.


  • US East Outlook Developer's Site—Contains an abundance of information about modifying and enhancing Outlook, as well as many practical examples.


  • whatis.com—This site contains an enormous amount of information about computer-related topics in general, including messaging. If you ever want to find out what a word or acronym means, you'll find it here.




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