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Q1:I made a custom field with the Text data type, and now I realize it should be a Date/Time field. How can I change it?
A1: Unfortunately, you can't change the data type of an Outlook custom field. You will need to delete the field from the All Fields tab, and then re-create it using the Date/Time data type.
Q2:I can change a text box to a combo box (or vice versa) in Access. How can I change a control's type in Outlook?
A2: Unfortunately, Outlook does not let you change a control's type. You must delete the control and replace it with another control of the desired type.
Q3:I have a formula that works in an Access calculated field, but it doesn't work in an Outlook formula field.
A3: There are some syntactical differences between Access calculated fields and Outlook formula fields. Some likely traps:

Access calculated fields start with an equals sign; you don't need it in Outlook.

Literal text in Access calculated fields needs to be enclosed in quotes and concatenated with ampersands; they aren't needed in Outlook formulas. Check the "Examples of Formula and Combination Fields" Help topic in Outlook for some examples of formula field expressions that work in Outlook, but be aware that quotes are used in these examples (they should be removed).

Q4:I changed a formula, and when I ran the form, the results of the formula were correct, but the old formula still displays in Design view. How can I fix it?
A4: Saving and reopening the form will usually fix this problem.



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