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Chapter 13. Using Word's Online Collabor... > Scheduling a Meeting with NetMeeting - Pg. 475

Using Word's Online Collaboration Tools 475 Figure 13.23. A sample reply to a general comment in the discussion pane left during a Web discussion. Tip One of the primary advantages to using Web discussions is that the comments are elec- tronic. You do not need to re-type the comments if you want to use them. You can cut and paste them directly from a browser window into your original draft document. Now, if the boss had left a specific sentence to be entered verbatim into the draft document, it would be very easy for you to do so. Archiving Discussion Files All the comments made during Web discussions on documents contained on a Web server are stored on a database. This is either the default data engine or an SQL Server database chosen during OSE configuration. These comments are retained by this database unless an expiration date is set during Web server administration (refer to Figure 13.12). Scheduling a Meeting with NetMeeting Using Web discussions as a means to collect comments about a draft document can be very useful. But there may be times when you want to discuss a document in real-time with everyone. In this case you can use Microsoft NetMeeting as the interface for communicating over the Internet or company intranet. You also have the option of posting the file to be discussed on your Web server or share a document directly via NetMeeting. NetMeeting can be used to communicate in several different ways, such as · · · · · · Textual chat Audio Video Drawing on a virtual whiteboard Sending files to everyone Sharing applications and documents Note Communicating by audio or video requires that all users have the proper equipment installed on their computers. For the purposes of this chapter, assume communication is via chat. Installing and Running NetMeeting NetMeeting may already be installed on your computer because it is one of the options offered when the Internet Explorer browser is installed. You can probably find it by clicking Start in Windows, then Programs, and looking for the Internet Explorer folder. If it is not on your computer, you can download the latest version from Microsoft's Web site at