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Part VIII: Appendixes > Deploying Word and Office 2000 Throughout the Enterpris... - Pg. 1127

1127 Appendix A. Deploying Word and Office 2000 Throughout the Enterprise In this appendix Using Windows Installer Performing a Custom Installation Fixing Setup Problems Using Setup in Maintenance Mode Installing Word from a Network Backing Up User Settings with the Office Profile Wizard Adding Support for Other Languages Troubleshooting Using Windows Installer If you're installing Word or Office 2000 on an individual computer at home or in a small office, you don't need any documentation, because the Setup process is almost fully automated. However, if you want to control what actually happens during setup, or if you're responsible for installing Word on multiple computers, you'll need the information in this appendix. The Office 2000 Installer pro- gram is new, and even expert Word users are likely to be baffled by its intricacies--at least at first --if they start dabbling with the options. The easiest way to install Word 2000 on an individual PC is to insert the first disc in the Word or Office package into the system's CD-ROM drive. If AutoPlay is enabled on the PC in question, the Setup program automatically launches and displays the dialog box shown in Figure A.1. (You need to enter your CD Key first.) If you're upgrading over an existing version of Word, the top button reads Up grade Now; if Setup does not find an existing version of Word, the button reads Install Now.