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Chapter 10. Using Office Documents on a ... > Secrets of the Office Masters: Tips ...

Secrets of the Office Masters: Tips for Managing an Intranet Server

Are you responsible for managing an intranet server where members of a busy workgroup constantly post documents, workbooks, and other Office files? Here are some tips that can make your life easier:

  • Make sure all users have Web Folders shortcuts to the server. If necessary, copy a Web Folder shortcut to your desktop, and then email it to other users. When they open the shortcut, Windows will automatically create a matching Web Folder icon for them.

  • Install and configure the Office Server Extensions (or ask the Web server administrator to do this for you). Although users will be able to post documents to the server by using the older FrontPage extensions, the Office version adds significant new capabilities.

  • Use the Discussions toolbar to set up daily email notifications so that you can see any changes to a folder. These alerts will let you know when a user has added a new document, modified an existing one, or deleted a file. Use these notifications to quickly check that the document opens properly and contains the right content and formatting.

  • Use Word or FrontPage to create a Web page that contains instructions for using the intranet. Make sure this link is prominent on the home page that users see when they connect to the site. Use Word's Frequently Asked Questions template as a jumping-off point; you'll find it on the Web Pages tab when you choose File, New.

  • Manage discussions themselves from the Web server. Look on the server for a page called the Office Server Extension Administrator, which allows you to see all the discussions and remove entries for those that are no longer active.



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