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Chapter 29. Using Calendar > Troubleshooting - Pg. 661

Using Calendar 661 Troubleshooting Resetting the Formatting Options You customized a built-in calendar layout without making a copy first. How do you start over with the default form? Choose File, Print, click the Define Styles button, and select the built-in format from the Print Styles list. Click the Reset button to return all formatting options to their default settings. This option does not affect your custom layout. Secrets of the Office Masters: Space-Saving Pocket Calendar Outlook's collection of calendar templates cries out for customization. Here, we started by making a copy of the Calendar Details style (the only one that reliably shows every detail of every appoint- ment), added a custom header and footer, opted to start a new page every week, and specified 1/2 Sheet Booklet for the page format. The result, shown here in Preview mode, is a two-sided booklet that occupies one-quarter the space of a full-size printout but is still easy to read. You can specify double-sided printing options if your printer supports them; otherwise, send this print job to the manual feed and reinsert the paper to print the second side.