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Chapter 4. Editing and Formatting Text > Using AutoCorrect to Automate Document...

Using AutoCorrect to Automate Documents

No doubt you've seen the effect of AutoCorrect when you type a word like teh and it comes up the. Don't take AutoCorrect's name too literally. Yes, it's true that AutoCorrect watches over you, correcting typos in Word—for example, type isn;t and AutoCorrect converts it to isn't. But it does much more:

  • AutoCorrect also works in Excel, PowerPoint, and Access—surprisingly, however, it doesn't work in Outlook unless you use Word as your email editor. Entries in one application work in all the others (with one exception discussed later in this section); if you tell Access to change mouses into mice, the correction applies in all other Office applications.

  • You can create your own AutoCorrect entries to supercharge your typing—say, changing your shorthand tpfp into the Party of the First Part or otoh into on the other hand.

  • If you commonly work with boilerplate text, AutoCorrect can handle it for you. Say you have an addendum that you add to the end of most contracts. You can set up a code you can remember—such as addend1—so it expands into paragraphs, even pages, of text, footnotes, and the like.

  • In Word, AutoCorrect entries can include graphics. This can come in handy if you frequently reuse the same graphic image. For example, you might want to scan your signature, and turn it into an AutoCorrect entry called mysig. Then, wherever you type mysig, your scanned signature appears.

  • AutoCorrect can even help you with odd capitalization. For example, if one of your company's major customers is called ZapItInc, you may have trouble getting the caps right when you type the company name. Set up an AutoCorrect entry for zapitinc (all lowercase) and have it corrected to ZapItInc. Then every time you type zapitinc—or Zapitinc, ZapItinc, ZapitInc, or even zApitiNc—AutoCorrect automatically changes the word to ZapItInc.



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