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Part X: Appendixes > Third-Party Software

Third-Party Software

In addition to having included electronic versions of the book, excerpts from other books, and an additional book, Creating Charts in Excel, the CD team at Macmillan has compiled links to other useful Excel sites and third-party shareware. Instead of listing all the shareware, here are a few examples of additional software and helpful add-ins on the CD:

  • The Spreadsheet Detective. By adding graphical documentation to existing spreadsheets, the Spreadsheet Detective highlights errors that otherwise could easily be overlooked. These errors include inconsistent copies of formulas and Year 2000 problems. The Spreadsheet Detective also clarifies the meaning of cryptic cell references, such as =D34-D35, by adding AutoNames based on cell labels, and can compare different versions of a worksheet.

  • Additional Templates from KMT. These templates are already created and can be adjusted to fit your needs or those of your business. Following is a partial list:

    • 24-month sales forecast

    • Business indebtedness

    • Business acquisition worksheet

    • Balloon payment loan

    • Arm mortgage comparison

    • Accounts payable voucher

    • Accounts payable aging

    • 401(k) reallocation planner

    • Financial statement ratio analysis

    • Extra payment analyzer

    • Dollar cost averaging worksheet

    • Daily employee timesheet

    • Comparative business income analysis

    • Cash flow sensitivity analysis

    • Lower of cost or market value inventory

    • Job price estimate

    • Job order ledger

    • Invoice record

    • Out-of-stock report

    • Merchandise return

    • Material requisition

    • Marketing calculators

    • Manufacturing overhead budget

    • Quarterly budget analysis

    • Startup cash outlay forecast

    • Startup capitalization

    • Startup budget

    • Small business valuation

    • Weekly materials analysis

    • Weekly direct labor analysis

    • Wall-covering calculator

    • Trade show budget



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