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Increasing Macro Playback Speed

Q1:My macros play back slower than I like. How can I get them to play back faster?
A1: When played back, any recorded macro will show screen motions such as scrolling. In some instances, this can significantly increase playback time. To turn off screen updating and thereby decrease playback time, open the VB Editor, and add the following line of code directly under the Sub <macro name> line of the macro:

Application.ScreenUpdating = False

Runtime Errors

Q1:I keep getting a runtime error during playback and can't determine why. What should I do?
A1: A runtime error indicates that some part of the code no longer makes sense in the current playback environment. For example, perhaps as part of the original macro recording, you selected a sheet called Expenses. Later, after recording, you rename the sheet Current Expenses. A runtime error is generated because the macro is attempting to select a sheet called Expenses that no longer exists.

Of course, finding and correcting runtime errors (known as debugging) isn't always easy. So, you have two choices. You can rerecord the macro from the beginning or use the VB Editor's debugging tools to find the bug. If you don't have the time or desire to learn more about macros beyond recording them, rerecording is the fastest solution. However, if you know you'll work with macros often or will have to create complex macros in the future, you should learn more about debugging with the VB Editor.

→ To learn more about debugging, see "Debugging,"



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