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Checking Spelling

Notes provides a spell checker that you can use to make sure your documents are presentable to others on the network. To check your spelling, follow these steps:

  1. With your document in edit mode, choose Edit, Check Spelling. If Notes finds a questionable word, it highlights the word and displays the Spell Check dialog box shown in Figure 15.4.

    If Notes does not find any misspellings, it displays a message that says No Misspellings Found. Click OK to continue editing your document.

    Figure 15.4. Notes displays any questionable words or spellings.

  2. In the Spell Check dialog box, use one of the following techniques to tell Notes what to do about the word in question:

    Type the correct spelling in the Replace text box and click Replace.

    Select the correct spelling from the Guess list box and click Replace.

    Click the Define button to add the word to the dictionary so Notes doesn't question the spelling again.

    Click the Skip button to ignore this particular occurrence of the word.

    Click Skip All to ignore all occurrences of this word in this document.

    Click Done to quit the spell check.

  3. If you choose any of the previous options except Done, Notes carries out your command and continues to check the spelling. Repeat step 2 for each word Notes questions.

  4. When Notes completes the spelling check, it displays a message indicating it is finished. Click OK to close the spell checker.



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