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Lesson 20. Using the Calendar > Viewing Free Time

Viewing Free Time

When you invite others to a meeting, you can check their free time by clicking the Find Free Time button in the Invitations section of your calendar entry. To create a calendar entry, invite others, and see their free time, follow these steps:

  1. From the Calendar view of your mail database, click the New Entry button on the Action bar.

  2. Select Invitation as your calendar entry type.

  3. Complete the Brief Description, Date, and Time fields. If appropriate, complete the Detailed Description field.

  4. Complete the Send Invitations To field. If you want to invite others whose attendance you do not require, enter their names in the Optional Invitees field. You can type the names in the field or click the down-arrow button to select the invitees from the Names dialog box.

  5. Click the Find Free Time button to see the free time of the invitees. The Free Time dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 20.5. This box displays a white bar behind the name of each person whose free time is available for viewing (gray if it is not). Blue bars indicate busy times for each person, and a red or green bar represents the appointment you are creating. If your appointment bar is green, the time is OK for everyone, and that information is displayed on the left of the Free Time dialog box. If there is a conflict in schedules, the dialog box displays Scheduled Time Is Not OK for Everyone, and the appointment bar is red.

    Figure 20.5. The Free Time dialog box.

  6. If your scheduled time is not OK, you can change the Date and Time fields in the Free Time dialog box. You also can change the list of invitees by clicking the Change Invitee List button of the dialog box.

  7. When you are satisfied with your meeting time and invitees, click OK to close the dialog box.

  8. Click the Save and Close button on the Action bar to save this calendar entry. Notes sends invitations to those listed in your Required and Optional Invitee lists.



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