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Lesson 19. Using the Calendar > Making Calendar Entries

Making Calendar Entries

As explained in Lesson 18, "Setting Up to Use the Calendar," entries that you make in your calendar affect your free time availability. Although others might not be able to view your calendar, they might be able to view your free time. Check with your Notes administrator if you have difficulty seeing the free time of others. There are several types of calendar entries you can create:

  • Appointment is a meeting with a client or a personal appointment such as a doctor's visit. You cannot invite others to an appointment. An appointment has a time value (2:00 to 3:00), and it can repeat or occur only once.

  • Invitation is an appointment in which you want to include and invite others. Those you invite must be part of your Notes Mail system and Notes automatically notifies them for you by sending them an invitation in their mail. It is possible that you might also find cc:Mail users and Office Vision users in your Invitation list if your systems administrator configured Lotus Notes to include them.

  • Event has a duration that lasts for more than one day, such as a vacation. Events can occur for a number of consecutive days, or they can be repeated (see Repeat, later in this lesson, for more information).

  • Reminder is a note to yourself that displays on your calendar at the time and date you assign to it.

  • Anniversary is a repeating occasion that you want to appear on your calendar weekly, monthly, or yearly.



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