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Lesson 15. Understanding Links and Pop-Ups - Pg. 82

82 Chapter 15. Understanding Links and Pop-Ups In this lesson, you learn how to create links within Notes to Notes documents, databases, or views. You also learn how to create Pop-Ups. Creating Document, Database, and View Links Links are pointers to other documents, views, or Lotus Notes databases. If want to send a mail message and refer to a page in the Help database, you can create a document link in your mail message. When the recipient receives your mail, he can double-click the Document Link icon and see the page to which you are referring. This saves you from cutting and pasting information into your mail message. You can only create links in the rich text field (the body) of your mail message. Links work the same way that hypertext works in the Help database (as you learned in Lesson 5) except that an icon represents the link. There are three types of Lotus Notes links that you can create and include in your mail messages or Lotus Notes documents, as shown in Table 15.1. Table 15.1. Types of Links This Icon Named Document Link Does This Connects to another Lotus Notes document. It can be a mail message or a document within an entirely different database. Double-clicking a document link causes the linked document to appear on the screen. Connects to another database opened at its default view. Database Link View Link Connects to another database view (other than the default view). Anchor Link Connects to a specific location in another document. It's important to understand that links work only when they are linked to documents, views, and databases to which other users have access. If you link to a document that has been deleted or to a database not available to or accessible by the person to whom you are sending the link, it simply won't work.