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Part VIII: Appendixes > Working with the Report Wizard

Working with the Report Wizard

You can create dozens of different reports with Small Business Financial Manager and your financial data. The Report Wizard can walk you through each step for generating a report. You can create seven basic financial reports plus many variations of each one. Here's a run-down of the basic reports you can create:

  • Balance Sheet Use this type of report to reflect a snapshot of your company's financial status, such as assets, equity, and liabilities.

  • Trial Balance Trace your account's audit trail of balance and net change for your company for a particular accounting period. The balance includes opening account balance, current period activity of debits and credits, and a closing balance.

  • Income Statement Detail your company's performance over a specific amount of time, including profit or loss, with a report that summarizes revenues and expenses.

  • Cash Flow Show your company's cash flow, in and out, and spot potential problems.

  • Changes in Stockholders Equity Use this report to analyze how much stock ownership is controlled by you and your investors and your creditors.

  • Sales Analysis Find out sales, expense, and gross profit using a PivotTable for each area of your business.

  • Ratios Use this type of report to calculate ratios and quickly examine your company's financial status.



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