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Selecting a Data Source

Before launching the Query Wizard you must identify the source of the data you want to extract. In other words, you tell Excel where to find the database from which the data will be chosen and what kind of driver will be needed in order to read information in that database. To identify a data source in Excel, follow these steps:

  1. Choose Data, Get External Data, Create New Query. The Choose Data Source dialog box appears (see Figure 16.2).

    If you have used this feature previously, there may be some data selections from which you may choose listed in the box, or you can choose to create a new data source. Click your choice, make sure the Use Query Wizard box is checked, and then click OK.

    Figure 16.2. Opening this window enables you to indicate the location of your data.

  2. In the Create New Data Source window that appears, you are asked for four pieces of information:

    • What name do you want to give your data source? The name you choose for your data source will help you identify this source if you want to use it in the future.

    • Select a driver for the type of database you want to access From the drop-down list provided, choose the driver that fits your type of database.

    • Provide information appropriate to the database you have chosen. Then click the Connect button and answer the on-screen questions.

    • Select a default table for your data source. The drop-down list gives you a choice of the tables associated with your data source. The table you choose will be the first one presented to you when you are ready to begin choosing fields for your query. This step is optional. Choosing a default table does not limit the fields available to you when creating your query.

  3. When you finish entering the information requested in the Create New Data Source dialog box, click OK. The Choose Data Source dialog box reappears.

  4. With your new data source selected, click OK. Excel starts the Query Wizard.



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