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Chapter 5. Printing Worksheets > Common Problems and Solutions

Common Problems and Solutions

The problems you may encounter with printing Excel worksheets will vary greatly based on the type of printer you use. This list outlines a few of the problems you may run into and possible solutions you can try.

Q1:The data won't fit on the page when I print.
A1: Try using the Fit to option in the Page tab of the Page Setup dialog box, as explained in "Scaling Data to Fit on a Page." You can also adjust the margins, decrease font size, or try another page orientation.
Q2:When I select multiple print areas, only one prints.
A2: Use commas to separate print ranges in the Print area text box. If you don't, Excel won't recognize the multiple ranges and treats the references as a single area.
Q3:When I add a custom header, it overflows into my data when I print.
A3: Change the spacing between the header and the data; choose File, Page Setup, and click the Margin tab. Edit the header margin setting. To increase space between the header and the data, decrease the margin setting (from .5 to .25, for example). Use this same technique for adding space between the data and the footer.
Q4:How do I set left and right margins for my headers and footers?
A4: You cannot adjust the left and right margins for headers and footers; they always use a .75 setting even if your page margins are set differently.
Q5:When I try to remove a page break, the Remove Page Break command is unavailable on the Insert menu.
A5: You first have to select the cell containing the page break before using the Remove Page Break command.
Q6:I selected Insert, Remove Page Break, but Excel removed only some of the breaks.
A6: Some of the page breaks are automatically added by Excel and cannot be removed without clearing the defined print area. To do so, choose File, Print Area, Clear Print Area.



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