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Chapter 24. Integrating Excel with Other... > Partnering Access and Excel

Partnering Access and Excel

Excel has some built-in database capabilities, so you might wonder why you would have to bother using Access with Excel. Access has many advanced features for managing databases that go beyond the limited database features of Excel. Some of Access's major advanced features include the following.

  • Access tables and attached tables can hold much larger amounts of data than an Excel worksheet, and Access is optimized to perform more efficiently than Excel when handling large amounts of data.

  • Access has a system of indexes and keys that provide very rapid access to data for both look-up and sorting purposes. This system makes Access much more flexible than Excel for managing large, complex sets of data.

  • Access is a relational database management system, which makes it very adept at managing complex relationships between multiple tables of data. Excel's database features are mainly used for working with a single database table at a time.

  • Access has a very powerful querying capability built in. Querying allows you to ask complex analytical questions regarding the data in one or more tables. You can save and reuse these queries at any time. While some of this capability is available to Excel through the MS Query tools, they are not as closely integrated as the querying tools in Access.

  • Access has integrated form and reporting tools that work closely with the tables and queries you have created. These tools are optimized with many features designed for working with multiple tables, as well as for performing common database operations, such as grouping and summarization.

  • Access is very adept at managing multiuser applications, providing locking features that prevent two or more users from editing the same data simultaneously.



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