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Chapter 1. Excel: Quick Start! > Common Problems and Solutions

Common Problems and Solutions

If you're new to Excel, you may encounter some common beginner-related problems, as explained in this section. The following problems and solutions may help alleviate some of your frustrations encountered while learning how to use the program.

Q1:My Excel program window doesn't fill the display screen on my monitor.
A1: Click the program window's Maximize button. To minimize the program window to a button on the Windows 95 taskbar, click the Minimize button. To open the program window again, click its button on the taskbar.
Q2:My toolbars look different from those pictured in this book.
A2: If someone has used the Excel program before you, they may have made modifications to the toolbars. To restore the original toolbars, see "Customizing Toolbars and Menus," on page 248.
Q3:My toolbar buttons are too small to see.
A3: You can select to display larger toolbar buttons in the Customize dialog box. Choose View, Toolbars, Customize, then display the Options tab and select the Large icons check box.
Q4:There are no worksheet tabs on my worksheets.
A4: The sheet names option is turned off. To turn it on again and display tab names, choose Tools, Options, then select the View tab and place a check mark in the Sheet Tabs check box
Q5:When I enter data into a cell, number signs appear.
A5: Your cell is too narrow to display the data. Widen the column by selecting Format, Column, Autofit Selection.
Q6:When I select the Undo command, nothing happens.
A6: The Undo command can only undo your last action. You must choose it immediately after an action in order to undo the action. If you don't and continue working in the worksheet, a click the Undo button will simply undo the last thing you did. However, you can click the Undo button's arrow and display a list of your last few actions and make selections from the list to undo. The last action is always at the top of the Undo list.

To redo an action you undid, click the Redo button. Like the Undo command, the Redo arrow displays a list of previous actions that can be undone or redone.

Q7:When I type a formula, it appears as text in the cell.
A7: All formulas must be preceded by an equal sign. Add an equal sign to the beginning of the entry.



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