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Chapter 27. Building Online Forms > Common Problems and Solutions

Common Problems and Solutions

Q1:The bottom of a comment is truncated.
A1: Right-click the cell containing the comment and select Edit Comment. Drag one of the handles on the border surrounding the box to enlarge it.
Q2:The Web Form Wizard keeps changing my field names.
A2: The wizard will not allow you to include anything other than letters and numbers in the field name, nor will it allow you to begin a name with a number. It will change the name automatically if you attempt to create one that it can't handle.
Q3:Excel aligns text at the bottom of the cell, making it difficult to enter text in large merged cells.
A3: By default, Excel aligns text at the bottom of the cell. Normally this is not a problem. However, if you have merged cells vertically and you then begin to type in the merged cell, your text will start at the bottom. This can be annoying. If you prefer your text to align differently, such as top (vertical) and left (horizontal), click Format, Style, select the Normal style, and click Modify. You'll get the familiar Format Cells dialog box, but the changes that you make will affect the entire worksheet (except for items that you have already modified on-the-fly). In the Alignment tab, change the horizontal setting to left and the vertical setting to top.
Q4:When I look at a form on my computer, all of the text and data fit inside the cells with room to spare. However, when I look at the same form on my assistant's system, sometimes the text or data is truncated. This is true even though we are both using the same fonts and the same screen resolution.
A4: The quality of your video system, which includes your monitor, video card, and video driver, can be a major factor in how text is displayed on your screen. Chances are that you have a good-quality system, while your assistant may have a lesser-quality system. These systems tend to "fatten" the text because the pixels, or dots, on the screen are not as fine as they ought to be. The best way to avoid the problem is to leave as much of a safety margin as possible around the text in each cell. If possible, try to avoid resorting to a smaller font size, which can be hard to read on a poor-quality video system.
Q5:When the Validation List Source window is open, you can't select data from another worksheet.
A5: Creating a validation list by highlighting data to be included in the list works only within the same worksheet. The Source validation window will allow you to move within the active worksheet but not to switch worksheets. Place the data on the same worksheet as the form, in an off-screen column where it will be out of sight.



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