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Lesson 14. Drawing Objects on a Slide > Adding Text to an Object

Adding Text to an Object

You can add text to an object you draw. Unlike overlaying a shape with a text box, text typed into a shape stays with the shape when you move it. To insert text into your drawing, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the object in which you want the text to appear.

  2. Type the text. As you type, the text appears in a single line across the object.

  3. (Optional) Select Format, AutoShape. The Format AutoShape dialog box appears.

  4. Click the Text Box tab to display the options shown in Figure 14.4.

    Figure 14.4. Use the Text Box tab to position your text inside the object.

  5. Open the Text Anchor Point drop-down list and choose a position for the text in relation to the shape. (Middle is the default.)

  6. Set margins for all four sides of the shape (Left, Right, Top, and Bottom), establishing how much white space will be left between the edges of the shape and the text.

  7. (Optional) Select any of the following check boxes:

    • Word Wrap Text in Autoshape Wraps text to another line if the text is wider than the shape.

    • Resize Authoshape to Fit Text Makes the shape larger or smaller so the text fits exactly within the margins you specify in step 5.

    • Rotate Text Within Autoshape by 90° Rotates the text to run the other way (usually vertically) to help it fit better in the shape.


    Viewing the Effects of Your Changes You can drag the title bar of the dialog box to move the dialog box away from the object. Then you can view the effects of your changes by clicking the Preview button before you click OK to save your changes.

  8. Click OK to save your changes.



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