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Lesson 13. Changing the Look of Your Text > Copying Text Formats - Pg. 78

Changing the Look of Your Text 78 The Font Color button on the Drawing toolbar (at the bottom of the screen) enables you to change the color of the selected text. Just do the following: 1. 2. 3. Select the text for which you want to change the color. Click the down-pointing arrow next to the Font Color button on the Drawing toolbar. A menu of options appears (see Figure 13.3). Do one of the following: · Click on one of the colored blocks to change the font to one of the pre-chosen colors for the presentation design you're using. · Click the More Font Colors button to display a Colors dialog box, and then click on a color in that box and click OK. Figure 13.3. When you click the arrow next to the Font Colors button, this menu of options appears. Copying Text Formats If your presentation contains text with a format you want to use, you can pick up the format from the existing text and apply it to other text. To copy text formats, perform the following steps: 1. 2. 3. Highlight the text with the format you want to use. Click the Format Painter button on the toolbar. PowerPoint copies the format. Drag the mouse pointer across the text to which you want to apply the format. In this lesson, you learned how to change the appearance of text by changing its font, size, style, and color. You also learned how to copy text formats. In the next lesson, you will learn how to draw objects on a slide.