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Lesson 21. Proofing Your Document > Checking Your Grammar

Checking Your Grammar

Word can check the grammar of the text in your document, flagging possible problems so you can correct them if needed. Here are the steps required:

  1. Select Tools, Spelling and Grammar; press F7; ; or click the Spelling and Grammar button on the toolbar. The Spelling and Grammar dialog box appears (refer to Figure 21.1). Make sure the Check Grammar check box is selected.

  2. When Word locates a word or phrase with a suspected grammatical error, it displays the word or phrase and its surrounding text in the dialog box with the word highlighted in green and a description of the suspected problem above the text. In Figure 21.2, for example, the word want is highlighted and the problem Subject-Verb Agreement appears. Suggested fixes, if any, are listed in the Suggestions list box. Then:

    • To manually correct the error, edit the text then select Change.

    • To use one of the suggested replacements, select it in the Suggestions list box and select Change.

    • To ignore this instance of the problem, select Ignore.

    • To ignore this instance and all other instances of the problem in the document, select Ignore All.

  3. Word will check spelling at the same time it is checking grammar. Deal with spelling errors as explained earlier in this lesson.

  4. Repeat as needed. When the entire document has been checked, Word displays a message to that effect. Or, select Close to end grammar checking early.



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