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Part VI: Publishing with Graphics > Inserting Text Boxes

Chapter 26. Inserting Text Boxes

  • Create text boxes and type text inside them

    Draw a box of any size or shape, anywhere in your document, and type text inside it.

  • Format both the text box and the text within it

    Add a line or shadow around the border of a text box, fill it with a color or pattern, and format the text however you want.

  • Group text and pictures together in a text box

    You can insert both pictures and text in a text box so they function as a unit in your document.

  • Layer text and pictures for a transparent effect

    You can position text boxes in front of or behind text, text boxes, or other objects on the page.

  • Wrap text around a text box

    The text in your document wraps around the text in a text box.

  • Link text from one text box to another

    You can continue text from one text box to another—a great way to create the columns of text in a newsletter, for example. This powerful feature is similar to the way desktop publishing programs create blocks of linked text.

Word 97 has many features that make your pages more graphically interesting—drawings, clip art, inserted pictures, column formatting, lines, colors, and much more. Text boxes, however, take your document a step beyond traditional word processing and into the world of page layout. Text boxes allow you to do two important things: Separate a block of text from its surrounding text so that it functions like a graphic element on the page, and link blocks of text within a document.



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