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Part VI: Publishing with Graphics > Inserting Pictures

Chapter 25. Inserting Pictures

  • Copy and insert previously created pictures into your document

    Include pictures in your document that you've created in another program, or that you've purchased in a clip art collection.

  • Edit, size, crop, and move pictures

    Alter the appearance of your picture, change its size, or move it to another location in your document.

  • Add fills and borders to pictures

    You can add a border in any of many colors or styles to any picture, and can fill some with colors and patterns.

  • Hide pictures so you can work faster with text

    Large picture files can slow down your work, but hiding pictures when you don't need to see them speeds you up again.

  • Scan pictures directly into your Word document

    You don't even have to leave Word to scan an image.

  • Manage clip art with the Clip Gallery

    The Clip Gallery is a visual organizer for your clip art-and it's a big help if you own lots of clip art.

With Word 97, you can illustrate your ideas by using pictures that come from sources outside Word, such as drawing programs, scanners, and clip art collections. If a picture is worth a thousand words, think how much typing you can save! Even if your picture is worth somewhat less than a thousand words, illustrating your document with graphics can make your pages more appealing—which means that readers pay more attention to your words.



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