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Part V: Mastering Special Features > Creating Bulleted or Numbered Lists

Chapter 20. Creating Bulleted or Numbered Lists

  • Create and customize bulleted, numbered, and outline lists

    Select from seven bulleted shapes, seven standard numbered formats, and seven standard outline numbered formats. Bullets, numbers, and outlines can be customized.

  • Create and customize numbered or bulleted headings

    Technical and legal documents often require headings to be bulleted or numbered according to paragraph and indentation levels. Paragraph text or headings can be bulleted or numbered.

  • Remove bulleting and numbering from lists and headings

    Bulleting and numbering can be easily removed using menu commands or the Formatting toolbar.

A bulleted or numbered list is a special type of list formatted with a hanging indent. (A hanging indent occurs when a paragraph's first line goes all the way to the left margin, but all other lines in the paragraph are indented. Chapter 10, "Formatting Lines and Paragraphs," describes hanging indents and other paragraph formatting.) Bulleted lists have a bullet at the left margin; numbered lists have a number and are numbered sequentially. Many writers use bulleted lists to distinguish a series of important items or points from the rest of the text in a document, such as a summary of product features in a sales letter or a list of conclusions reached in a research project. Writers often use numbered lists for step-by-step instructions (as in this book), outlines, or other types of lists in which the specific order of the information is important.



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