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Part I: Everyday Word Processing > Previewing and Printing a Document

Chapter 8. Previewing and Printing a Document

  • Select and set up a printer

    Any printer that you select and set up for use with Windows can also be used with Word 97.

  • View your pages before you print them

    Preview your pages in Page Layout or Print Preview view. Page Layout allows you to view the page as it would print out. You also can edit a page in this view. Print Preview also allows you to view a page as it would print out but does not allow editing. However, the Preview screen's toolbar allows zooming and displaying multiple pages.

  • Print a document in Word

    Printing in Word 97 is as simple as ever. However, many useful options have been added with this version. This chapter shows you how to make use of them.

  • Print documents to a file

    Printing documents to a file is one method of creating an encapsulated Postscript (EPS) file that can then be printed on a Linotronic typesetting machine. This produces high-quality documents.

Although printing with Word 97 can be as simple as opening a document, choosing a Print command, and starting the printing operation, Word gives you many additional options. You can preview one or more pages in your document and change their margins while you're in the preview, print all or part of an open document, print a draft or a final version, print hidden text and field codes, and print multiple documents without opening them.



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