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Part IX: Customizing with Word > Customizing and Optimizing Word Features

Chapter 37. Customizing and Optimizing Word Features

  • Improving the performance of Word

    You can customize a number of settings in Word to improve speed and overall performance.

  • Starting Word or documents automatically

    If you use Word as your primary application, you can use the Windows Startup folder to automatically run Word each time Windows starts.

  • Customizing the workspace and display

    You can customize screen color and display elements in Word to make the environment more intuitive and easier to use.

  • Personalizing the mouse

    You can make the mouse easier to handle by personalizing the speed at which it operates.

  • Get help from the Office Assistant

    Both new and experienced users can benefit from the help offered by the Office Assistant.

  • Modifying Word for users with disabilities

    With a few modifications to your Windows setup, you can make Word more accessible for users with limited hearing, vision, or movement.

As you use Word 97, you might want to customize it to fit the way you work or to make trade-offs between increased performance and features. In Chapter 38, you will learn how to customize Word features such as menus, toolbars, and shortcut keys. But there are many other ways in which you can customize Word. This chapter contains suggestions and options to help you fine-tune Word and customize it for the way you work.



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