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The expertise, knowledge, and production skills that go into a book like Special Edition Using Microsoft Word 97 requires teams of talented people. A book of this size and detail can be updated only through conscientious and dedicated work from each person. To meet incredibly short deadlines, while covering Word in the depth it deserves, everyone missed weekends and worked long hours—and in some cases, all night. Thank you for your work and skill.

Que, the world's largest publisher of computer books, continues to stay ahead of the competition through the energy and skills of its people. We appreciate their grace and humor while under incredible time and quality pressure.

David Solomon, Elizabeth South, Kathie-Jo Arnoff, Rebecca Mounts, Tom Hayes, Lisa Wagner, Bill Camarda, and all the editors did a very smooth job on what, to my knowledge, has been the fastest turnaround ever of a pair of large books. The development and editing teams worked the long hours necessary to get this book through development and editing. Their contributions and long hours give the book that distinctive Que style.

Special thanks go to the software consultants, professional writers, and technical editors who helped revise Special Edition Using Microsoft Word 97. Their expertise and long hours of work revised this book so it would be available when Word 97 for Windows was released. However, the responsibility for errors that may have slipped through their knowledgeable watch lies solely with me. Should you find an error, please check for corrections or report book errata at the Ron Person & Co. World Wide Web site listed at the end of these acknowledgments.

I truly appreciate the long hours, overlapped schedules, and missed time with families that it took to meet these tough deadlines. My thanks to the following experts:

Carlos Quiroga made significant contributions throughout this book. He updated many chapters including those on tables, outlining, and mail merge. Carlos is the owner of Pacific Technical Documentation, a high-technology writing firm in Windsor, California. Pacific Technical Documentation has considerable experience producing customized written documentation, online help, and training systems for high-technology software, products, and services. Pacific Technical Documentation can be reached at 707-838-0918.

Elaine Marmel made room in her full schedule to do an excellent job of updating styles, columns, and page layout. Elaine has written numerous books for Que, including Word for Windows 2 QuickStart and Easy Excel for Windows 95, and was lead author for Using SmartSuite 97, Special Edition. Elaine is an independent technical writer in Tampa, FL. She lives in Florida, but rarely sees the sun because she works too much. She does, however, have a hobby: She sings barbershop harmony with the Toast of Tampa, 1994 International Chorus Champions of Sweet Adelines International.

Dina Pavlis put her in-depth knowledge of users to work when she updated the chapters on customizing Word and customizing menus and toolbars. Dina is an Information Systems Analyst for the Seattle law firm Perkins Coie and has worked with Word for Windows since its first beta release in 1989. Originally the training administrator for Perkins Coie, Dina is now a software developer for the firm, designing and developing applications that work hand-in-hand with Word. In addition to writing for and publishing several local Word for Windows and Windows-related newsletters, Dina has traveled around the globe to provide training and demonstrations and to speak at conferences. Dina can often be found answering questions in the Word forum on CompuServe (GO MSWORD), where she volunteers as a CompuServe Support Partner (CSP). In her spare time, Dina likes to write poetry and short stories, volunteer for nonprofit, people-oriented charities and service organizations, and take her dogs hiking. She's also an avid Australian Rules Football fan. Dina can be reached via e-mail at 71154.3165@compuserve.com.

Pamela Palmer did a very precise job of writing about the new drawing tools and WordArt. Pamela is an independent consultant who has been working with computers for 13 years. She has contributed to Que's Using Visual Basic 3 and is a Microsoft Certified Instructor for Visual Basic. She develops applications using Visual Basic, Visual Basic for Applications, and Word Basic, as well as delivering training and writing books and training documentation. She can be reached on CompuServe at 74170,1526.

Sharon Podlin put her extensive knowledge to work writing a new chapter on Visual Basic for Applications. Sharon is a graduate of the University of Texas and is president of PTSI, a consulting firm specializing in the development and presentation of computer training courses. Sharon has over 15 years in the industry and has primarily worked with Fortune 100 companies including J. C. Penney, Hyatt International Hotels, and United Airlines. She actively participates in the Microsoft Certified Professional program as well as being a Microsoft Certified Trainer for a wide range of products including Microsoft SQL Server, Excel, Visual Basic for Applications, and Windows NT. She can be reached via CompuServe at 76350,1424.

Lorry Laby contributed her experience as a Word trainer and technical writer to a number of chapters. Lorry has considerable experience as a software trainer and technical writer. Lorry teaches Word for Windows at Santa Rosa Junior College and trains municipal governments and businesses in Northern California in Word for Windows and WordPerfect.

Bob Voss, Ph. D., updated the chapter on using Word with Office applications. He has made significant contribution to the best-selling book, Special Edition Using Microsoft Excel 97. Bob is an independent technical writer and Microsoft Office trainer in San Rafael, California. He can be reached via CompuServe at 71630,3337.

Visit our World Wide Web site for free tips and training on Microsoft Office. The Ron Person & Co. Web site is a community of data and people supporting Microsoft Office users. It contains free software, tips, and training to help you work better with Windows and Microsoft Office. At our Web site, you will find:

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