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Part VII: Using Excel with Office and Wo... > Using Excel with Web and Mainframe D...

Chapter 43. Using Excel with Web and Mainframe Data

  • Saving Excel workbooks in other formats

    Share data with another application by saving Excel workbooks in a file format that can be read by that application.

  • Importing data from other applications

    Excel can read many other file formats, allowing you to directly import data created in another application.

  • Transfer data between Excel and mainframe applications

    You can import data as a text file if your mainframe applications do not support Structured Query Language (SQL).

  • Access data on the Web

    Run a Web query to access data located on a Web site on the Internet or on your company's intranet.

When you use Excel you are not limited to working with data located in Excel workbooks. If the data you want to work with in Excel is located on a mainframe computer, Excel makes it easy for you to access this data using ASCII (text) files. And now, with the explosive growth of Web sites on the Internet, you can access data on the Web using Excel. New features in Excel 97 enable you to pull down data from a Web site from within Excel.

Excel loads and saves many file formats, such as dBASE, 1-2-3, and Multiplan. Excel also loads or creates text files for information transfer with applications, such as Quicken, that do not use one of the common formats as an interchange.



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