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Part VII: Using Excel with Office and Wo... > Working with a Group of People

Chapter 42. Working with a Group of People

  • Using binders for group projects

    Binders allow you to organize and share documents from different Microsoft Office applications.

  • Sending faxes and electronic mail from Excel

    Faxing and electronic mail are available to you from Excel through the File menu.

One of the fastest growing segments of the computer industry is networking. By connecting people's computers and giving them access to corporate data, companies are finding that people work more productively and accurately; and projects can be completed much faster.

Since most projects involve groups of people working on the same or similar documents it can be important that you become familiar with how to use Excel and other Microsoft Office applications with groups of people. This chapter will show you how you can edit and revise spreadsheet documents as a group. Rather than routing paper copies and then trying to compile changes, you can use Excel and your networking software to accept revisions, keep track of who made what recommendations or changes, and then accept or delete changes. With the addition of electronic mail you'll find that you can quickly send Excel documents to co-workers over a local network or to clients via a commercial online service. You can even fax a document from within Excel.



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