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Part VII: Using Excel with Office and Wo... > Using Excel with Office Applications

Chapter 41. Using Excel with Office Applications

  • Linking Excel to data in other applications

    Link other applications to Excel to create worksheets that share data that is automatically updated.

  • Embedding objects into Excel worksheets

    Embed OLE objects into Excel worksheets to create a compound document.

  • Using Microsoft Office Binder

    Use the Office Binder to bring together documents from different Office 97 applications.

Excel is part of the new generation of software taking advantage of greater processor power and the Windows 95 software environment.

This environment has many advantages when you are working with multiple applications.

Operating procedures in Windows, OS/2, and Macintosh applications are similar, and there are many similarities between applications within the same operating environment making them all easy to learn. Microsoft Excel for Windows and Word for Windows, for example, are very similar in the way they operate.

This environment gives you the capability to run multiple Windows and DOS applications and cut and paste static information between Windows and DOS applications.

You can also create hot links that pass live data between Windows applications.

You can use embedded objects to create a compound document composed of objects created in different Windows applications. You then can edit each object by using the application that originally created it.

You can start and switch between Microsoft Office 97 applications easily with the use of the Office Shortcut Bar.

You can also documents from different Microsoft Office 97 applications so they can be viewed, edited, and printed as a single document.

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