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Chapter 14. Browsing the Internet and Office Documents

  • Explore the World Wide Web

    Use Internet Explorer to explore the information, technical support, free files, training, and more that reside on the World Wide Web. Copy information from Web pages into Excel.

  • Create a Web from Office documents on your local disk or network

    Use Excel's Web toolbar and hyperlinks in Office documents to create a Web linking Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Web documents on your local hard disk, corporate network, or World Wide Web.

  • Work and move seamlessly between Office documents and Web pages

    Open and edit Office documents within the Internet Explorer even as you browse the Web or your local intranet.

In the last few years, we have witnessed a shift in information publishing that may have as great a consequence as the invention of the printing press. The printing press did more than just break the medieval church's hold on information. It heralded a new age of thinking that enabled people to question authority and turn to a quest for knowledge. The cause of this shift in information publishing is the development of the Internet, the World Wide Web, and the visual browsers that make it easy to gather information.

The World Wide Web links together many resources that exist on the Internet. When you use the World Wide Web, you jump among locations (thousands of computer hosts), system applications, and infor- mation formats (files and documents). The ease of navigating between documents and the ability to read documents using any computer system has pushed Web technology into corporations. Corporations are rapidly developing their own intranets to publish proprietary information for their employees and business affiliates.

Microsoft responded to the incredible growth rate of the Internet and the WWW by incorporating Web page publishing and browsing tools within Office 97. You can create Web pages that include hyperlinks, data, tables, and charts in Excel 97 worksheets. Using Word 97, you can develop impressive Web pages incorporating textured backgrounds, graphics, hyperlinks, and more.

In Office 97 and Windows 95, two information forces have combined to create a new model for work with computers. One is that information can be located anywhere, on your local hard disk, on the company network, or on the global Internet. The other is that people don't really work with applications; they work with documents and the information in those documents.

The result of these views are the following two different approaches you can take to work:

  • Work primarily within an Office application with occasional excursions to the company intranet or Internet to gather a Web page or document. Clicking a hyperlink in an Excel worksheet opens Internet Explorer 3, shown in Figure 14.1.

  • Work primarily within the Internet Explorer using it as a single vessel within which you can view and edit any document you retrieve from your local hard disk, company network, or Internet. Figure 14.2 shows an Excel document opened with Internet Explorer 3. Notice that Internet Explorer displays the menus and toolbars for the worksheet/document.

Figure 14.1. Clicking a Web hyperlink on an Excel sheet opens Internet Explorer 3 and loads the Web page.

Figure 14.2. Clicking A Hyperlink To An Office Document While In Internet Explorer 3 Opens The Document In The Internet Explorer And Displays Excel Menus And Toolbars.

Eventually, Office and the Internet Explorer will evolve into a single universal viewer and editor. From it, you will be able to retrieve, view, and edit information you collect anywhere in the world.


You can get a lot of free information and software directly from Microsoft's Web site. Choose Help, Microsoft on the Web, and then select one of the sites.



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