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Part II: Publishing and Browsing on the Web > Web Publishing with Excel

Chapter 13. Web Publishing with Excel

  • Create Web pages using Excel data, tables, and charts

    Create HTML pages of data, tables, and charts with Excel's Internet Assistant Wizard.

  • Create hyperlinks on work-sheets that link to Office documents or Web sites

    Insert hyperlinks in worksheets that link together Web sites and your Office documents.

  • Save Office documents to, or open documents stored in, Internet FTP sites

    Use Internet FTP sites just like part of your own network.

  • Distribute free Excel, Word, and PowerPoint viewers

    Give any Windows user a free viewer so they can read and print copies of your Office documents.

Some pundits are forecasting that the Internet and corporate intranets will make as great a change in business and society as the personal computer. These networks are changing the speed and pattern of communication. Webs of interlinked pages on the Internet and on intranets enable people with little computer knowledge to move quickly between related information no matter where the information is located and no matter what type of computer they are using.


Intranets are proprietary networks that operate within a company or organization. They use the same browser and communication software as the Internet. Some intranets allow users access to the Internet through secure gateways, called firewalls.

With Office 97's ability to create HTML pages, you can create your own pages for the Internet, your corporate intranet, or your own office network. Through hyperlinks between Office documents you can create webs that do not even need networks. As part of the Office 97 Suite, Excel 97 can publish data, tables, and charts as HTML documents. Microsoft has also created Office viewers that enable people who don't have Excel, Word, or PowerPoint to view Office documents that are on the web you create.

Excel's Internet Assistant makes it easy to create new or enhance existing Web pages with data, tables, or charts. Figure 13.1 shows a Web page created from an Excel worksheet. Its purpose is to help you put Excel information onto the Web. It is not designed to be a Web page editing tool. To create simple, useful, and attractive Web pages, use the Internet Assistant in Word 97. To create webs with more capability such as searching, table of contents, and data entry, and that aid you in managing the links between pages, use Microsoft FrontPage or a similar Web editing and management tool.

Figure 13.1. Excel's Internet Assistant creates or enhances Web pages with data, tables, and charts.


To create more complex Webs and pages, use a Web editor such as Microsoft FrontPage 97, a program that has received many Editor's Choice awards. It is a desktop publishing program for Web pages as well as a Web management tool and personal Web server. It can work with and manage webs containing Office 97 documents. The menus and toolbars are very similar to Word. Add-in "bots" enable even novices to include features such as full-text searching, data capture, and chat boxes. FrontPage 97 even includes the use of ActiveX and Java components and database connectivity.


Before you decide to ramp up your own Web site or convert the corporation to intranet, you will want to do some research. The following list is just a beginning of all the free material that is on the Web. Start by pointing your browser to Mecklermedia:

Site URL Description
Mecklermedia Corporation http://www.mecklermedia.com Comprehensive source for information and articles on Internet/intranet. Publishers of magazines and conferences.
A Corporation Revolution http://www.intranet.co.uk/intranet/intranet.html Encyclopedia list of key intranet terms.
Creating Private Intranets http://www.strom.com/pubwork/intranetp.html White paper specific intranet issues. Challenges and prospects white paper.
Intranet Journal http://www.brill.com/intranet Online publications and discussion forum.
Intranet Handbook Pagehttp://ntg-inter.com/ntg/intranet/intra_in.htm Library of wide range of articles.
Intranet Information Pagehttp://www.strom.com/pubwork/intranet.htmlArticles on aspects of building intranets.
Intranet Resource Centrehttp://www.infoweb.com.au/intralnk.htm Links relating to software, tools, and multimedia.
Intranet White Paper http://www.process.com/intranets/wp2.htp Issues of company-maintained intranets.
Intranets & Adaptive Innovate http://amdahl.com/doc/products/bsg,intra/adapt.html Approaches to create intranet systems.
The Corporate Intranethttp://webcom.com/wordmark/sem_1.html Criteria to evaluate intranet technology.
The Intranet Corp. Revolution http://www.intranet.co.uk/intranet/intranet.html How intranets can solve business issues.
Wordmark Associateshttp://webcom/wordmark/sem_1.html Building a corporate intranet.

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